About FK

In Fraud Keeper we develop SMART SOLUTIONS for Insurance Companies.
We improve your UNDERWRITING, CHURN, and CLAIM process increasing your BOTTOM LINE SAVINGS and CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.  
We combine +20 years of experience and the most advanced Machine Learning techniques into a SaaS platform designed for Insurers.

We know about insurance and how to use the data.

SaaS Platform

Fast Implementation

Machine & Deep Learning

Real-Time Processing

Minimal demand from your IT team

External Sources
Business User Friendly

Your BU can set parameters fast and easy


Data Protection, Independent instances


ROI in six months

End-to-End approach

Easy management,  from the starting point, in every case, until the resolution. Underwriting, Renewals or Claims, can be segmented and assigned to different analysts according to configurable parameters.

The real-time workflow allows the collaboration from outsourcing resources (lawyers, investigators, external adjusters).

The outcome generates a new focus to feedback the algorithms and your business.

Score = AI + Rules Engine + History

Scoring and Alerts based on machine learning techniques, business rules engine, external source analysis, historical data, and relationships between actors.

Insurance Value Chain

Our goal is to complement each module to enable new business models. Starting with the real-time analysis during the underwriting process, fraud detection on claims, paying genuine claims faster, working to reduce customer churn, discover cross-selling and up-selling opportunities, and more!

Insurance Solutions


Real-Time analysis during the underwriting process, combining pre-config parameters and AI, to get seamless customer onboarding.

Fraud prevention and
Claims management

Analyze all your Claims in real-time, combining AI and a Powerful decisions business rule, improving your fraud detection, loss ratio, and false positives to get an attainable fast track for the non-fraud claims.

Churn Prediction,
Cross & Up Selling

Before renewals, our algorithms help you to detect and prevent a customer churn. Give your commercial team the possibility to manage those cases including cross & up selling notifications, adding value into your portfolio, and boosting your company revenues.

Docs and Images automatic Verification

Reduce time and cost, using our verification algorithms for claim and underwriting docs and images.

Identity Validation & Money laundering

PEPs management / Terrorists lists. Identity validation with government services or personalized mechanisms.

Car Inspection and Damage Detection

Speed up underwriting and claim process with our image interpretation and understanding algorithms for inspection or damage estimation.  





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